The Innocents EP

by Kristoff Waltz

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We would like to extend heartfelt thanks to Simon Knudtson, our incredible producer Ross Collier, Jeri Gennaro, Paul Criscuolo, and Aaron Bastinelli for supporting us musically and professionally through the evolution of these songs. Our love also goes out to Abby McGuire for the artwork for “Innocents in Cuba,” “Romero,” and The Innocents EP, as well as to Morgan Slone for designing our stickers and banner. Additional thanks is due to all the people at Converse Rubber Tracks and RCA Grand Victor A, without whom “Virginia, 1923” would never have been birthed; Brown Owl Studios, Andrew Conner, Matthew Kent, Russell Lawrence, Jedd Beaudoin, and of course, our incomparable FAMILIES without whom we would never have been birthed. To all of our friends, old and new: we love you. THANK YOU!


released February 26, 2016


All songs written and performed by Kristoff Waltz.
Recorded from June 2015 - January 2016 at the Quonset Hut, Columbia Studio A, Ocean Way C, RCA Grand Victor A, and Brown Owl Studio.

Alec Koukol: Guitar (all tracks), Vocals (track 4), various percussion
Callie McFee: Vocals (all tracks), handclaps (track 2)
Hunter Mulkey: Bass (all tracks), handclaps (track 2)
Logan Rifenberg: Guitar (all tracks), Vocals (all tracks), Piano (tracks 2, 4, 5), Organ (track 3)
Paul Criscuolo: Drums (track 2)
Jeri Gennaro: Drums (tracks 1, 3, 4), various percussion
Ross Collier: Omnichord (tracks 3, 4, 5)

Aaron Bastinelli: Engineer (track 1)
Ross Collier: Engineer (tracks 2 - 5), mixing (all tracks), mastering (all tracks)



all rights reserved


Kristoff Waltz Nashville, Tennessee

Alec Koukol // Hunter "Ear Flaps" Mulkey // Callie McFee // Simon Knudtson // Logan Rifenberg

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Track Name: Virginia, 1923


Oh, Virginia,
1923, but take it forward ­to the Second War
I’ve been fighting since you were born.

I fixed eyelids.
You sew them back together when they fall apart,
Those soldiers of broken hearts

Sweet Ohio,
Swimming ‘cross the sea until I get to shore,
But the lawyer men loved you more,
and it’s all in their hands.

- Could you believe me?
Could I fix your eyes?
- But you’re all I see!
Could I ever make you realize?
- Sing me to sleep!
Thought I’d be a little taller by now...

- You sent me flying,
- Now the sun sets slowly on our hiding sky.
- We’re grounded and old and wise.

- Fifty years gone!
- But we’ll see them all again when our bodies fly,
- And you’ll be right by my side.
‘Cause it’s all in our hands...

- Time moving slowly,
And I need you more.
- They could never control me.
I love you Eleanor :)
- Cause you're all I see.
Could you love me like you loved them then?

You sent me some flowers blooming,
Roses from our eyes in sunlight,
Tricks to keep our bodies moving right...
Track Name: Innocents in Cuba


I don't know you,
- Darling, that's all right.
But I think I've met you...
- Should I've stayed the night?
If there's ever a girl like you again, I'll keep her around.

- You've seen my face before.
What's the time or place?
Have I seen you at the bar?
- Not at my age.
If there's ever a girl like you again, I'll keep her around.
- I know.

And then it all comes rushing back,
and you're crying while I laugh.

And it's so nice to have you back
Just for a moment we relax,
and then we take a little breath and try to reassert our youth;
When we were running in the sand,
then how you can't control your hands,
and how I love you.

Then I fell asleep last night :(
Oh no.
Oh no.

* Callie's joyous laughter. *

I don't know you,
- Darling, that's all right.
But I think I've met you...
- I should've stayed the night.
If you ever come back through here again,
I'll keep you around.
- I know.
Track Name: Daisy


Saw her reading in the back rooms tucked in
Dostoevsky, Fourier
With a latte saw her fountain penning
So I walked the other way

Oh-oh, etc.

This one knows that love is neverending
This one thinks it's all a breeze
This one goes to see the markets pending
This one knows just what you need

Oh-oh, etc.

Sees the city through a two-tap filter
Takes her gourmet with a tag
She'll find the thing she thinks will finally fill her
She'll fly in fast without a drag

Oh-oh, etc.
Track Name: Romero


You feel it coming round the corner
It's got you shivering your spine
All room for faith fell out of order
It built a quiet home inside your mind

My god, feel it coming closer
Taking your hand and pulling you over
Agony, apathy
Feel it rising through your chest, no
Keep on thinking, better let it go

But heaven knows I've tried my best to let it go
Everlasting Everest --

Whatever happened to the warnings?
Your town fell under winter snow
You feel your face in early mornings
When did the light inside you know?
It's over

And in those early mornings, way before the tides start turning
Every time you look into your eyes you see the mastheads burning
Every single flag unfurling, from all the facts you're learning
In every eye you see that whirlwind forming
Feel it rising through your chest, no
Keep on thinking, better let it go

Heaven knows I've tried my best to let it go
All my lines fall out and then I'm moving slow
Take me back to where this started
(Oh Romero, long ago)
Everlasting Everest -- I let it go.
Track Name: Kristy & the Senator


You caught me running
You caught me running through my mind again
And now I'm falling
I'm fading fast into the blue again

And now I need a friend,
A helping hand to lift me out of this
Won't see a hint of sky
For the light reflecting off of my dead water wrists

Oh, no, you caught me floating forward fast
Oh, no, you say, "stay here -
"We'll weather this."

Now I'm dried out and I'm drifting,
Hopelessness on the breeze.
And we're just waiting to see,
On the sea.

Oh, no, you caught me breathing slow at last
Oh, no, I know you know,
We're fading fast.

You had me running, falling,
Floating deep into the blue
Then drowning, dying,
If you want to come back home it's underwater,
Too deep for all the flowers that you planted to grow,
But you know I've seen them all before anyway.